This is not your ordinary donut shop. These are made to order with so many variations you could try based on your tastes/likes/dislikes. I know- Hard to explain but try this place with caution. It is addictive. The staff was helpful and patient. They were really nice! There was a line and I had to wait but I am A OK with that as I could see them making my donuts. I’m told they are new to this area and I hope all goes well. Skip the ordinary donut shop and go to Daddy’s Donuts. You will love it.
— Dayna K.

I placed an order for “Daddy’s Dozen” for Christmas. I cut them into smaller pieces so everyone could try the different flavors. We all had our favorites but agreed that they were all good. The doughnuts are so unique and delicious! I will definitely be visiting the shop again soon.
— Nancy B.

Daddy’s Doughnuts is the best ! I’ve been trying to find a place with some good coffee in this area for a while and finally Daddy’s Doughnuts answered my prayers. The owner is very friendly and personable. I asked for a special item and him and his team nailed it!
— Eric G.

Hands down the best donuts I’ve ever had in my life. They were still hot when we got them. We tried the peanut butter and jelly, s’mores, and chocolate caramel pretzel. We’ll totally be back for more!
— Taylor P.

Absolute donut perfection! Super friendly staff that greeted you the minute you walked in the door. My kids loved being able to check off what kind of donuts they wanted on the pads of paper and my youngest was obsessed with the donut pillows they had a the bench :) The staff seemed to put their heart into giving you a superb product amd genuinly cared about each customers visit. We were impressed and will be back!
— Roxanne R.

Welcoming, friendly and helpful right as you come in, which was greatly appreciated. I honestly can say I’ve never had a doughnuts dazzle my taste buds like these magnificent unbelievably, mind blowing doughnuts! I bought 6 for my husband and I with the intention of trying a bite of each. Which I did and self control wasn’t easy, matter of fact, I’m going back to finish one! Definitely recommend this place!
— Kelly M.

I went here for the first time yesterday and it was phenomenal. I am usually not a fan of donuts, but these were SO good. Not only were the donuts good, but the owner was so nice. We arrived 15 minutes after they closed for the day, (we should have looked at their hours beforehand) and the owner let us in and was so nice to us. I will definitely be going back and I will be telling everyone about this place!
— Heather M.

I just tried this and it was delish. They have standard options and also a design your own where you select the options. Very good, quick, polite. All 3 of us loved our selections.
— Cassandra F.

Literally amazing!! First time there and definitely not disappointed. Nothing beats a warm donut- especially one where you pick the toppings.
— Kristine C.

Omar! Thank you for bringing us donuts at Sola! My client and I split the creamsicle donut and died! So yummy!! We are both hooked! I am telling all of my clients about you and have your card on my mirror in front of my chair for all to see!
— Cher P.

Our first time here. We will definitely be back. The variations and selections are enormous. Their base donut is perfectly made and once you add the toppings it makes it out of this world. We also tried a blue moon macaroon that was very good too.
— Matt M.

Amazing, tasty donuts! You HAVE to try these!I got a dozen for my coworkers and someone ended going back for more. Now we get them at least once a week.
— Robyn H.

I bought two dozen of their variety pack doughnuts for myself and co-workers. We all loved them. The different styles and flavors were a treat to be had. I will be back to grab more on another occation.
— Robert N.

Stopped in yesterday for the first time and loved it! Place was very cute and clean and the staff was very friendly and fast! The doughnuts we awesome! Will definitely be back.
— Biljana M.

Great friendly staff...very welcoming & patient (first time visit was alittle overwhelming)....donuts were amazing & fresh. Can not wait to go back!! My favorite one was the fruity pebble one...but I want to try a coconut one next time!!
— Jodi P.

Doughnuts were exceptional! Definitely worth the wait! The only con was I wish they were open later. These could definitely be dessert doughnuts!
— Melissa M.

Hands down, BEST donuts ever! The owner was so friendly and helpful! I’m so glad I discovered this place!!
— Chrissy R.

Cool vibe, great staff.... the most amazing croissant doughnuts ever.... if you haven’t tried the one with Nutella... you haven’t quite lived.
— Rebecca J.

I can’t believe that I am lucky enough to live near this shop! I stopped in for a doughnut and coffee this morning after a recommendation from my BFF. WOW! Both the coffee and doughnut were the best that I have ever had. I will most definitely be back. I grabbed a doughnut order form on my way out the door so that I will be prepared to walk right up to the register next time. Keep it up, I will be back. Thanks, Omar!
— Lori O.

The results are in! We just stopped in for their opening day and holy smokes were we blown away. The shop is awesome! It has a great vibe and energy and all of the staff was so helpful & ready to whip us up something amazing. We had some coffee and got a Daddy’s Dozen so far the PB & J has won our hearts. LOVE SUPPORTING LOCAL.
— Rachel C.

The doughnuts were delicious. The Macarons were even better. The Superman Macaron was my favorite. Many different flavors in cookies and doughnuts. The staff was extremely friendly. Thanks for the wonderful experience.
— Jennifer L.

What an awesome experience! Hands down the best doughnut shop around. The staff is very friendly, and the owner, Omar, greets each customer and explains how the process works. If you’re look for a fresh, gourmet doughnut with an extremely reasonable price, this is your place!!
— Emira M.

Thank you for the delicious doughnuts this morning! Your staff was kind and courteous. Best of luck in the New Year! 🍩 :)
— Craig M.

Amazing, unusual, unique. Must try!
— Melanie D.

Yummy! Thats the first thing that came to mind when trying Daddy’s. I was very impressed by the friendliness of the staff. Everyone seems excited to be open. Made 3 of my own donuts, took a bite of each so far and im in love.
— Sara C.

Yummy donuts-this is more of a ‘donut experience!’ Kinda like a ‘subway’ for donuts where you get to customize your choices! Super clean and very friendly staff. I will be going back for sure!
— Amy B.

So many different choices of delicious doughnuts and a super friendly staff! Highly recommend!
— Ellen S.

The ultimate donut personalization stop! Starts with a great cake donuts and the rest is up to you! Very fresh!
— Patrick W.

Super friendly staff, so many options! Got my staff a Daddy’s Dozen today and they destroyed them in no time!
— Lori H.

Super cool place! Owner is so friendly and helpful! The cider and treats are amazing!!!
— Jenny S.

Seriously the best donuts I have ever had! And the price is perfect! I haven’t been in the shop but I made my husband stop in the other morning and the breakfast bacon donut is to die for!!!!!
— Ashley K.

Stopped here for the first time this morning. Probably the best donut of my life!
— Crystal G.

Really good donuts! Love that they’re made just for you and FRESH! The staff was really nice too!
— Katelynn B.

So yummy and fun to make your own donut! Will definitely go back!
— Kim G.

Great concept and creative experience! No frozen doughnuts here. So many tasty options to choose from.
— Jennifer L.

They are amazing donuts!!! So worth getting up at 7 am for on a Saturday!!!
— Stephanie A.

Delicious donuts, clean store, friendly staff, great pieces. What’s not to love??
— Jonah W.